Gettin Down on the Farm

As you may know, my aunt and uncle are the proud owners of Nihtila Farm , a pumpkin patch in Holbrook. Last summer I painted them a big 'face in the hole' scarecrow for the visitors to take pictures with.

Coco was a wonderful model!

It turned out to be a huge hit with the kids and the adults! So this past summer we decided to expand with a couple more paintings. My first sign was for the Hay Ride. I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk, and by walk I mean that I actually drive the tractor for the hay rides! This is what my sign looked like before the cutouts.

And here it is with a cute little face in the hole!

This next painting was really fun. I added a growth chart so that when the kids got their picture taken in front of it they could mark how tall they were and then compare it each year they returned to the farm!

Coco was 3'8" last fall!

Just a note: Coco was my little model for these pictures and since today is her 7th birthday. Happy Birthday Coco!!

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