Layered Pearl Necklace

This is a really fun project if you want to revamp your jewelry collection. All you need is ribbon, a brooch, and a couple of pearl necklaces. The pearls I used had a clasp on the necklace, but I would recommend using a strand without a clasp.

Fold your pearls in half and gather them together like this. I have 2 necklaces here but you'll see later that I opted out of using the necklace with the bigger pearls.

Cut 2 long pieces of ribbon and thread them through the loop in the pearls that you made when you folded them in half.

Tie a knot.

Do the same to the other side then hold your necklace up to your neck to make sure you like the placement of the pearls. If you do then double knot your ribbon.

Next pin on your brooch. I got this pretty little thing from a really cute boutique in Milton. Play around with the placement of your brooch. I ended up deciding that I liked it up closer to the ribbon.

And here you have it, some brand new jewelry.

New jewelry makes for a great gift... Happy Birthday Kelly!


  1. Great idea, Amy! And what a pretty picture of Kelly!

  2. I'm gonna try that!!!! Very cool....and Kelly looks terrific <3

  3. Thanks ladies! Definitely give it a try, its so fun!

  4. Beautiful! Pearl necklace helps to bring out the most charming side of the ladies. It presents the diligence of the person who wears it during the important events. A Pearl necklace is evenly well matched with a traditional dress and also looks fashionable with the modern outfit as well. Thanks.

  5. Layered necklaces have been a hot trend for the past years. These are considered a timeless classic that never go out of style. The necklace shown is really stylish and dramatic. The layered structure add thickness and dimension to the necklace. Thanks a lot.