Skateboard Art

I have recently discovered the fun in making new art from old things. You really have to get creative when making something new from something old and be able to envision what you're looking at as potential to be something else. My brothers have tons of old skateboards that they don't use anymore so I asked to borrow one that was in pretty rough shape. Here's what I started with...

First step was to get rid of the wheels and the rusty parts that went with them.

Using some good ole fashioned elbow grease I sanded the skateboard down til the original artwork was gone and the surface was smooth.

After that I primed, dried, primed, dried, painted, dried, painted again!

Now for the fun part! Time to give the board some new art. Thank God for Sharpie Paint Pens! I also put new screws in place of the old ones and painted them black to match. 

After everything was dry I stretched some artists wire across the back and hooked it onto the screws so that I would be able to hang it up.

And here we are... 

Before and After


  1. I absolutely love have my brain thinking about what I can turn into art around here....I'm sure there is plenty!!!!