Today felt like a good day to show off an old project. Here are some t-shirts that I screen printed last summer using the same technique I used to design the Saco Pinnes that I showed before.

Since I have a small obsession with Octopi and it's symbolism in music, (the octopi's 8 arms symbolize the ability to reach out to a lot of people - just like is done with music - awesome right?) I definitely wanted to include those two subjects in my first t-shirt design. This shirt is for the band the Dirty Heads (check them out, they're amazing). The Dirty Heads actually have their own octopus that they use in their designs, but I wanted to create my own. Here's the result.

Another small small (read: huge) obsession I have is the need to incessantly reference obscure kids movies from the 90s. But what better subject matter for a t-shirt design!? If you don't recognize this stud, it's Rufio from Hook along with his catch phrase "Bangerang".

 Bangerang Johnny!

Another movie I find myself referencing all to often is Heavyweights. I couldn't resist displaying Tony Perkis' face, along with a quote from one of my favorite scenes, on a t-shirt. Nobody's seen more butts than you Uncle Tony.

Jumping back a few decades, this is a screen print I did of the lovely Billie Holiday. You really can't go wrong with Lady Day. Fine and Mellow


  1. Hook? AND HEAVYWEIGHTS? I need both those shirts. im a huge hook fan. im getting a hook montage tattoo. how can i get that rufio shirt? I'm in a band. we are always looking for cool tshirt ideas. hit me up cause i need a way to get that rufio shirt!! Great job!! jukeboxromantics@yahoo.com

  2. That Rufio shirt is amazing!! I am in awe! I would buy it if I ever saw it. Great job. :)