Eyeglass Chain

Recently, a lovely woman in my life (i won't name names) has found that reading glasses have taken a quintessential role in her accessory collection. Since a case for these reading glasses has yet to be added to the collection, I decided to do my part in making sure they were kept in a safe place; around her neck.

First step: load up on supplies. I stopped by Pflora Beads, a bomb bead store in Canton, to pick out some pretty beads, a chain, eyeglass chain loops, and pins for my project. I got a nice little lesson and some helpful tips from the owner while I was there!

I started the project by looping my first bead onto a head pin. A head pin is pretty self explanatory, it's a pin with a head on one end to keep the bead in place one you slip it on. Once the bead was in place I made a loop in the pin.

Next step: I looped the pin through a link in the chain.

You can add more than one bead to the pin.

I also made some pieces with multiple beads and separators.

After the beads were in place and the pin was looped through the chain, I wrapped the wire of the pin around itself while trying to keep the spiral form as tight as possible.

After that I cut off the extra bit of wire using jewelry wire cutters.

I continued this process repeatedly until I finished my pattern of beads.

For a bit of extra fun I decided to make a little somethin somethin on which to display the final product.

I used some pretty sophisticated materials for this: glue stick, cardboard, paper

This eyeglass chain is ready to aid in some serious reading!

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