Bikini Makeover

This project started out as a fib...

Every summer my friends and I go to see the band 311 when they come around and we all get together at a friends house for some poolside pre-show fun. Since some (read: most) of these friends are die hard 311 fans, I decided to inform them (read: fib) that I would be sure to arrive wearing my best 311 bathing suit. I thought there must be a way for me to get my hands on such a suit, but to my dismay one did not exist. When life does not hand me what I want, I make it...

First thing I did was buy a black suit. This one had some extra flair that I needed to get rid of in order to see my vision through, but luckily I was able to recycle even further and use the pieces for a separate project. See Project Here
Top (obvi)
bottom (obvi)

Next I created a screen that I would use to print on my suit. The top design is the 311 logo and the bottom one is the 311 logo plus a little sunset scene that I added for some summery pizzaz.

 Next I tested my prints on paper to make sure they were good to go before printing the final piece. (Props to my little brothers for the beautiful plaster-fun-time creations that I use as paper weights)

 After I removed the skull beading and tassels from the bathing suit I added my own beads for a more appropriate look. Then I printed my screen on my suit, let it dry overnight, and just like that my fib was absolved as I arrived at the pool in my new 311 bikini.

Rock on!


  1. this is soooo coool ! cant wait to wear it !!!

    1. Can I buy two of these?? Or purchase that print??

  2. Wow that come out really well!

  3. Could I possibly have you do this on a bathingsuit for me? I'm going on the 311 Cruise and this would be awesome to have!


  5. what did you use to paint the bathing suit? fabric paint? i want to try! :D

  6. how did you paint your bathing suit? i want to try! :D
    did you use fabric paint?