Pumpkin Head

Since we're already well into the month of October, I think it's time to share the pumpkin hats I made. Unfortunately this post will not be a tutorial, but just a means to show off!

A few months ago my uncle came to me with the idea to make these hats. My aunt and uncle (different uncle) own a pumpkin farm in Holbrook and he thought it would be fun to wear these hats at the farm. I agreed! My uncle whipped up a sketch of what he thought the hats should look like and this is what we got...

Started with some fabric.

Did a little sewing.

My first little pumpkin head.

Yay! Everyone loves pumpkin hats!

Many thanks to Brendan, Bobby, Jenna, Bob, and Lorraine, for all the hours they put in helping to mass produce these babies!

Anyone interested in visiting the pumpkin farm, check it out!

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