Kitchen Makeover

This project was a joint effort between my roommate and myself. We recently moved into a new apartment (hence the delayed posting) that came with a not so nice peach-painted kitchen. We knew that this just wouldn't work for us and decided to do something about it (with our landlords permission of course!)... 

This is what we started with. First we removed all the cabinet hardware.

The hood over the stove was pretty beat up looking so we scraped all of the paint off it to start over.

Being careful to avoid paint splattering.

After the walls and cabinets were primed, we taped off the area around the hood of the stove and gave it a fresh coat of heat resistant spray paint.

Once that was done we painted everything else "wedding bell white" and reattached the hardware. We actually gave the hardware a fresh coat of paint too.

Here's the final before and after...

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