Autumn Sangria

What better way to wrap up the autumn season than with a yummy mulled cider-esque sangria recipe.

First things first, the ingredients:
(this recipe is party sized)

4 apples sliced into 1/2 in pieces
2 pears sliced into 1/2 in pieces
2 pomegranates worth of pomegranate seeds
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup of Calvados (more or less depends on how strong you want the drink)
1 chilled 1.5L bottle of Sauvignon Blanc
1 bottle sparkling apple cider

Slice all your fruit and place in a large bowl.

How do you remove pomegranate seeds without making a mess? I'll tell you! Slice the pomegranate in quarters and put the pieces into a bowl filled with room temperature water. Hold each piece under water while prying the seeds loose with your fingers.

Once all your fruit is in the large bowl, pour the Calvados over it and stir. Put this concoction in the refrigerator for half an hour. Stir every now and then during this time to make sure all the fruit is equally soaking up the booze.

This was the delicious Calvados Apple Brandy that I used...

When your fruit is done marinating pour it into a large pot. Then add your wine and sparkling apple cider. Heat on low setting making sure NOT to let the mixture boil. Once warm, add brown sugar to the mix and stir.

Pour contents into a pitcher or punch bowl and serve warm.


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