Christmas Wreath

Making your own Christmas wreath is not only tons of fun, it's also a good way to save some money during the holiday season! My roommate and I enjoyed making this wreath together.

Take a stroll through the woods to gather up your materials. Look for pines, berries, and pine cones. We also happened to find a bendable branch to use as our base. 

Start by making the base. We used the branch and secured its form with floral tape. (Floral tape can be found at any craft store.)

Like so.

Place the pine on the branch wrap it with floral tape.

Layer the pines on top of each other, working your way all the way around.

Spice things up by adding berries and pine cones.

Add a Christmas bow and you're done!

Make sure you hang your wreath securely or it might just fall down and destroy everything in its path... just sayin.

We had some extra materials left over so as a little side project I whipped up this little guy for our front door.

Merry Christmas!

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