Decorative Pillows with Trim

After months of searching for the perfect decorative pillows for my living room with no success, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make some. I've made pillows before, but this was my first time making fancy ones with decorative trim. I had to learn as I went, but by the 3rd pillow I became an old pro.


Pillow forms 
Patterned fabric
Solid color fabric
Decorative trim
Scissors, sewing machine, measuring tape, etc...

Step 1:
Measure and cut fabric. Seems weird, but you want to cut the fabric to be slightly smaller than the pillow form. The big pillow forms I used were 18"x18" so I cut the fabric to be 17"x17".

Step 2:
Trial and error taught me that it's a heck of a lot easier and way more precise to cut the round edges prior to sewing them. I used this lovely scented woodwick candle to help me shape perfect corners. Layer the 2 pieces of fabric and cut the corners at the same time so that they match exactly.

Would ya just look at those beautiful corners!

Step 3:
For this part you will only be working with the patterned fabric. Pin the trim around the perimeter of the fabric - decorative side facing in.

Step 4:
Sew it!

Helpful Hint:
When you get to the corners, cut little notches in the trim so that it curves around smoothly.

This is what you should have now:

Step 5:
Layer the pieces of fabric again and pin in place. Make sure the right sides are facing each other.

Step 6:
Sew the pieces together. You'll be able to see the seam that was created when you sewed the trim onto the patterned fabric. Guide the needle between that seam and the decorative trim. Get as close to the trim as possible. Having a piping foot for your sewing machine would be mighty helpful for this part.

Leave an opening on one side of the pillow case because duh! you have to put a pillow in there.

Step 7:
Stuff the pillow form into the pillow case. Pin the opening and then sew it shut.

Here's a close up of my new pillows! I'm pretty stoked with how the trim came out.

Since I used a striped pattern, there are so many different ways I can display these.

See what I mean?

So happy to have these little guys as an addition to my living room!

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