Adios April!

Have you ever purchased a calendar with such beautiful artwork that you hated getting rid of it when the year was over? That's how I feel about my 2012 calendar that I bought at Paper Source. Those calendars actually provide a template on the back of their prints so that you can cut them up to make things like file folders, pillow boxes, and cards. I think that is such a fun idea, but for a few of my pages I wanted to try something else.

"Do Something Creative Every Day"- don't have to tell me twice!

This project is so easy to do that all you need are frames, your calendar, scissors and tape. I got these two 16 x 20 matted frames at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago for a whopping 25 cents a piece! That price officially made yard sales my new favorite thing!

To start, cut out the page from your calendar. Make sure you check to see how the artwork will fit in the frame before doing any trimming. I swear that luck is unnaturally on my side for projects like this, my artwork fit to the frame right down to the centimeter! Though to be honest, my luck tends to run out at an impressive rate the second I attempt to hang anything on the wall. I've learned to accept that :)

Place the print on the matted paper and tape it in place. (In this photo you can see the template provided by Paper Source that I was talking about) Fun tip: if your frame isn't matted already but you like that look, you can easily make your own matte with card stock or any other kind of thick paper.

And now you're done. I told you it was easy!

I had a second calendar with more beautiful artwork so I decided to the project again with smaller frames. These frames cost me $0 at another yard sale. Like I said, yard sales are my new favorite thing.

If you're wondering how long this project took to complete, the answer is half a cup of coffee.

If you've been following my blog, you know that decorating my fireplace mantel is something I love to do. These frames are perfect for my spring season mantel.

And here's the end result! If you look at the bottom right corner of the tulip frame, you'll see exactly where my luck ran out. But hey, it gives it some personality!

Another fun thing about this project is that I still have 10 more beautiful pages left in my big calendar and 11 in my small one, which means that when the seasons change I can easily swap out the pages for a whole new look!


  1. that is exactly why I save all my old calendars 12 months of art!

    1. Right?! It would be such a shame to just throw the beautiful pages away!