Creative Friend: Carolyn

I would like to introduce you to a brand new element of the spectrum called "Creative Friends". In this series of posts, I will be introducing you to other artists who are personal friends of mine. I hope you will find that their work inspires you. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my first Creative Friend, Carolyn.

Carolyn is not only a super creative friend, she's also my super creative sister! She has just completed her junior year of college where she is earning her bachelor's degree in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. Carolyn created the following pieces as assignments in a pottery course where her professor instructed the class to depict a specific word or topic using the clay. Each piece was hand crafted before being fired in a kiln, glazed, and then fired again to create the final product.

Carolyn created this first piece as a representation of the word "into". The pot was formed strictly using extruded coils and was completed using a persimmon glaze.

This piece reminded me of a honey pot, and I loved it so much that Carolyn let me keep it!

For this next assignment, Carolyn used hand rolled coils and an upside down wheel thrown pot to express the word "rhythm".

Carolyn's goal was to equate the stacks of coils to beats in music. The small stacks of coils portray short beats, and the larger stacks of coils, long beats. The piece was completed with red and textured blue glazes. 

This third creation consisted of two separate pinch pots which were glazed with lavender to represent the word "quiet".

In this final piece, Carolyn was instructed to depict the word "nature", and she did so using a hard slab and by applying careful detail to make the cutest little turtle I have ever seen.

Carolyn has recently started her own blog where she shows off her design work under the clever guise icandeesigns. So if you enjoyed her work, check her out!

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