Blacks Creek Sunset

While driving home tonight, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful sunset over Blacks Creek by Wollaston Beach. I decided that I couldn't miss the opportunity to attempt to capture it, so I pulled over and took a few shots. This spot always has really spectacular views of the sunset so I hope to get more photos in the future. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amy, Nice Photos. The dusk skies there are always so beautiful and inspirational; it made me think of the song Velvet Sky By Los Lonely Boys:

    Are you looking at the moon tonight
    You even brave enough to try
    To find your strength inside
    Change your mind, decide

    'Cause I fell from the sky
    I tried to catch your eye
    In a velvet sky
    Did you wish upon a fallin' star

    Do you know where you are in your life
    Are you walkin' between the lines
    I can tell by the look in your eyes
    You're hurtin' way down inside


    Afraid to leave your pain behind
    Never know what you're gonna find
    When you look up at the velvet sky
    You will finally come alive


    Love, Dad