Welcome to Squantum

  Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Quincy anymore...

The other night I looked out my window and noticed that the clouds were up to something. In true 'storm chaser' fashion, I grabbed my camera, hopped in my car, and drove along until I found a good spot to capture them in action. That spot turned out to be Squantum: a Quincy neighborhood bordered by Dorchester Bay, Boston Harbor, and Quincy Bay.

These 2 photos (above and below) were taken over by the Squantum Marshes and show off a unique view of the city.

As the sun started to go down, I made my way over to Nickerson Beach to snap a few more photos.

There are those clouds I was talking about!

I wandered a bit beyond Nickerson Beach and out to a little peninsula that juts out into Boston Harbor for an even better view of the city. All the shades of blue were so beautiful.

I made my way back to the beach and got one final shot of the peninsula and skyline as the sun ducked below the horizon. I was glad that those clouds didn't let me down!

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