Fish Shirts

This is a project that I did last year, but with t-shirt weather upon us (aside from this cold rainy week we're having) I thought it might be a good time to remind everyone how to make your own printed T. A few summers ago, my younger brother and cousins came up with this Fish logo... 

Logo Design by Steven Connolly. All Rights Reserved.

They were drawing their logo everywhere, and on everything. They had even painted it on their skimboards (I'll have to remember to keep them in mind for the 'Creative Friends' series and show off their work)! When they wanted to further represent "Fish" on the beaches, they recruited me to whip up some T-shirts for them.

I got to work making them a screen. You may want to check out this other screen printing TUTORIAL I did for more detailed instructions on how to make the screen itself.

When using screen printing ink don't forget to place newspaper or cardboard between your shirt so that the ink doesn't seep through to the other side.

Apply the ink over the screen consistently, and don't skimp!

Once the ink is applied, pull your screen off the fabric and hang your shirt to dry!

I repeated this process multiple times with various colors using the same screen! Just rinse the ink off and dry the screen in between each use. I've found that a hair dryer really speeds up the drying process.

After about an hour I had my own little gallery of Fish shirts. They looked pretty good once they were all done, but they looked even better when the kids wore them to the beach!


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