Color Dipped Clothespins

Call me old fashioned, but i find that there's something enjoyable about opting to hang your clothes out to dry on a clothesline rather than using an electric dryer. There's nothin' like that fresh air smell. When I discovered that my apartment had a clothesline in the backyard, I was excited to put it to use. So, I set out to buy some clothespins. After months of looking at them and using them on the line, I felt as though they were just too plain. I know I know, they're just clothespins and they're supposed to be plain, but I saw potential for them to express some personality...

So, I took to my paints, and discovered that I was right. And now I can share the wealth.

The first thing you'll want to do is choose some colors. I wanted to use some breezy colors, and nothing too 'in your face'. Living by the beach, I found that these sea-foam green, lime green, and yellow hues seemed appropriate.

Next, clip the pins along the edges of a box so that you can paint them easily. This works out well because after you paint them, you can just leave them there to dry and not have to worry about a mess.

Then, using a sponge brush, paint the top half of the clothes pin. I chose to paint just the outsides and top half of the pin because I like the contrast.

There's no harm in trying out different colors. There are plenty of clothespins per bag, and you can always buy more!

Finally, let them dry. Once mine were ready, I took them outside to see how they would look on the clothesline.

That's better! Much more fitting for my backyard.

And one of the best parts about this project, is that it only took about 20 minutes to complete. So, go for it!


  1. Hey now, these look fantastic! I do enjoy the airy smell of clothes hung out to dry. That's how it was in Africa growing up, it would dry in 2 seconds in the hot sun. What a lovely DIY, nicely done Amy.

  2. Thanks Smita! Thats amazing, the African sun sounds way better than any laundromat!

  3. This really makes me want to hang a line in the back yard! I lay most the kids clothes on a drying rack (aka kids old toy storage thingy) in the garage but this is much nicer!

    1. Thanks Brandi! You should totally put up a clothesline in your backyard! I bet if you paint some clothespins it will give you the motivation to do it, and you might actually look forward to drying the kids clothes! :)

  4. Oh! This is so cute. I love this idea. Thanks a lot for sharing it. I love to try this painting stuff too.