Doodle Roll™ Giveaway!

I am so excited to announce that Imagination Brands would like to give away a Doodle Roll™ to one lucky Creative Soul Spectrum reader! The Doodle Roll™ kit contains a roll of paper and 4 double sided crayons in a portable package and is perfect for any kid with a creative soul. I love the idea of inspiring creativity at a young age, and I know I would have loved this product as a kid...who am I kidding, I still want one of these for myself! Keep reading to learn more and to find out how you can WIN!

Before I could share this product with my readers, I had to put it to the ultimate kid test. Luckily I had a lot of little friends to help me out, and I'm happy to report that the Doodle Roll™passed with flying colors! 

Test #1: Does it really roll?
Conclusion: Sure does, all the way out to 30 feet!

Test #2: Can you share it with your friends?
Conclusion: Yeah you can! We had 8 friends sharing the Doodle Roll™at the same time! We worked on individual drawings on our own section of the page and then rolled the paper out some more to work on a giant collaboration piece!

Test #3: Can you make beautiful masterpieces on the Doodle Roll™?
Conclusion: Absolutely, my friends made dozens of museum-worthy drawings! Hopefully Mom has a 30 foot long fridge to hang them on!

Test #4: Is a two sided crayon double the fun?

Conclusion: Yes! Plus, crayon mustaches just don't feel right when they're only one sided. 
Test #5: Am I going to want to keep drawing until the roll runs out?
Conclusion: Probably! But that's ok because you can always get more here!

Test #6: Can babies play with the Doodle Roll™?
Conclusion: Nope! Babies just want to eat the crayons, sit on the paper, and crinkle it all up! This product is for big kids aged 3 and up.

After our tests, we analyzed the results and concluded that we love the Doodle Roll™! 
Grade: A+

And now I can finally tell you how you can win!


1. "Like" DoodleRoll on facebook 
Follow Doodle Roll on twitter @DoodleRoll 
2. Leave me a comment here telling me that you did so.

One winner will be chosen at random Thursday July, 26. Good luck!



  1. Wow, that looks like fun!!!
    Those pictures really capture the fun to be had!!!

    Nice job, doodle on!
    Love, Mom

  2. Looks like fun- love all the photos of the kids using the doodle roll (even the babies, haha!) I followed Doodle Roll on Twitter (my twitter name is @meaghz). Thanks!


  3. i liked it on facebook. i'm random, choose me!


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  5. Thanks for posting this Amy. It looks like lots of fun,