Led Zeppelin T-Shirt Makeover

So, I've had this awesome Led Zeppelin t-shirt sitting among my t-shirt stash for years and years. I love the shirt, but because I don't tend to wear oversized t's out and about, it hasn't seen the light of day in quite some time. I decided that needed to change immediately, so with the help of my scissors and sewing machine, I turned this old T into a new tank!

To start, I used one of my favorite tanks as a guide to making the right fit. If you use this method, make sure your tank is perfectly centered on top of your T.

Using a sewing crayon, mark where you are going to cut.

To get a more feminine look, the wide sides, bottom hemline, and neckline had to go. But, save the sleeves, because they're going to be useful later!

Pin the sides of the shirt together (right sides facing) and sew. At this point I decided that I wanted the arm holes to dip a little deeper for a looser fit. That adjustment was easily made just by trimming a little bit.

Next, I transformed the sleeves into a funky little embellishment on the side of the shirt. Take one of the sleeves and cut it in half. Then fold each side in half and make 6 evenly spaced marks using the sewing crayon. Make a cut at each mark.

To get the final effect is really easy; unfold the fabric, hold it on both sides, and stretch it. Voila!

Pin these pieces underneath the arm holes and then sew them in place.

Finally, trim off any extra fabric from the sleeve material. Now your shirt has a little built in ventilation system, which is perfect because you need coolin', baby. 

This Zeppelin top has now made the official move from the depths of my t-shirt drawer to a much more desired spot hanging in my closet. It's perfect for the beach, for hanging out, or for going out. It's so much more versatile than it was as a t-shirt!   

Yours is the cloth, mine is the hand that sews... 
All of my love


  1. I didn't know you saw Led Zeppelin at Tampa Stadium. Way to let the led out! - Kevin

  2. Well Kevin, I tried to see them at Tampa Stadium, but as you can see from the last photo, the show was sold out. And also I wasn't born yet.


  3. thanks for sharing.

  4. This is amazing, I want to do it to all of tshirts now!

    1. Thanks Ciera! You should, it's so easy!!

  5. Nice! I love the customized one better. You are totally rocking that shirt, Amy! It’s definitely more chic and sexy compared to its previous appearance. I love that you still made use of the shirt’s sleeves and turn it into an amazing ventilation system – as you call it - for the sides of your shirt. Good job!

    Linda Fox