Barbour + Jack Spade Launch

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Barbour + Jack Spade launch party at their location on Newbury Street in Boston. Accompanied by my pal @SocialMel and my camera, I ventured into the store to preview the new line. Though menswear doesn't necessarily fall into my repertoire, style and design do. And let me tell you, Jack Spade nailed it. Everything in the store was perfectly placed (including the checkout counter which doubled as a bar for the evening) and I couldn't help but marvel at both the products and the interior design.

The theme I sensed throughout the store was a seamless combination of sophistication and fun with a dash of unexpectedness. In speaking with Shawna, the manager, I discovered that the interior designer for Jack Spade is Steven Sclaroff. I was so impressed with what I saw in the store that I decided to look him up when I got home to learn a little more. Turns out he's based out of New York and does really great work elsewhere too. If you want to learn a little bit more about him here's a great interview from a few years ago on Design*Sponge.

While perusing the store, we bumped into the ever-fashionable duo of  Union Jack Creative. Two Jacks are better than one, and this Jack looked like he walked right out of a Jack Spade catalog when he tried on one of their blazers.

As a designer, I really appreciated graphic elements and typography throughout the store. It was hard to miss the care that was taken in the attention to detail, as even the smallest elements were pretty amusing.

This mannequin display was my favorite piece in the store. The vintage microphones made this blazer and bow tie appear all the more dapper, and made for a very handsome arrangement.

While the small details in the store were  entertaining, I can't deny that the large details certainly made an impact as well. Having the head of a wild boar looking down upon you in the fitting room is about as unexpected as it gets. But somehow it was perfectly suited for the store and I approve! So there you have it, my take on Barbour + Jack Spade launch. And if menswear happens to be in your repertoire, you should absolutely go take a look for yourself.

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