Pastel Rainbow Nails

I recently saw this awesome nail design on the Nailside blog and wanted to see if I could create something similar myself. Since I was successful, I wanted to pass my knowledge along to you. You'll want to avoid drinking too much coffee before attempting this style, as a steady hand and patience are key. 

Start with a white base coat and let it dry completely. Then, choose your first color. I used Essie 'Cute as a Button'. Here's where the steady hand comes into play... Allow the polish to form into a small ball at the tip of your brush then apply the first stripe of color. The small ball of polish will create the rounded side of the stripe. After that has dried, repeat the process with each color, varying the length of the stripes as you go. 

FYI: The other colors I chose to use were Essie 'Play Date' and 'Turquoise and Caicos". 


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