BCAE Jean Genie Class

I think it's safe to say that we've all been there... the day you realize that your favorite pair of jeans have reached the end of their lifetime and need to be taken out of the rotation. It's a sad day for sure, and if you're like me, you cope with your loss by folding them up and placing them at the bottom of your jeans drawer with the hope that they'll magically return to their original state. I have about 5 pairs of jeans currently residing at the bottom of my drawer, and though I've yet to see the magic happen, I can't bare to part with them...

...but, I have good news! Thanks to the Boston Center for Adult Education, those jeans are going to see the light of day again! This coming Saturday, October 13th, I have been invited to attend a class called Jean Genie at the BCAE. And, since there are still a few spots left, you should join me. As a DIYer, I'm excited to learn new tricks to repair and update jeans I already own. Lessons like this can prove to be invaluable, so I definitely recommend checking out the BCAE website for more information, and maybe I'll see you there!


  1. If I lived in the area then I would join you! I hope you come home with some good tips you can share on your blog. ;)

  2. Aww that would be so fun Leslie, too bad!! I hope to learn a lot too... I'll have a post up next week to talk about how the class went, so check back in!

  3. i wanna knowww what you do!!