Cruella De Vil Costume

Well tomorrow is Halloween and I've got another costume to share for some inspiration. I made this Cruella De Vil costume a couple of years ago and it's another one of my favorites. If you're looking to take on an advanced (but rewarding) sewing project, then this is a great costume to try. I'll admit, sewing a fur coat from scratch isn't a quick process, so this might be an idea to put in your back pocket until next year. Or, if sewing isn't exactly part of your repertoire, you could always try finding a faux fur coat at a thrift store, or maybe improvise with a big bathrobe. Here's what I did...

1. Black and White Wig: To get Cruella's signature black and white 'do I just spray painted half of a black wig with white spray paint. 

2. Cruella's Fur Coat: Creating this coat turned out to be quite the undertaking. I used white fur fabric and dyed it yellow right in the washing machine machine using Rit Dye. I then created my own pattern for the coat and sewed it from scratch using red silk fabric for lining. I then stuffed the whole coat - except for the sleeves - with pillow stuffing to give it a more cartoony shape.

3. Cigarette Holder: I got this at a party store and I think they're pretty easy to find around Halloween time.

4. Simple Long Black Dress: I found this dress at a thrift store for a steal at $3!

5. Cruella's Jewelry: Cruella wears a big green ring and big green earrings. I made my own using beads that I bought at a bead store, gold artists wire, and earring hooks. 

6. Red Gloves: Also a very cheap find at a party store.

7. Fur Purse: I sewed this purse using the same fabric from the fur coat. The black "tails" were made by wrapping black pipe cleaners around strips of the yellow fur. I used the same technique on the tails on the back of my coat (see below).  I also lined the inside with the silk material, so the purse was actually usable for the night!

8. Red Shoes: I found these shoes (in my size!) with sheer luck at the same thrift store I bought the dress.

If you don't already have Roger's "Cruella De Vil" song stuck in your head after this post, then watch it here and plan on humming it for the rest of the day...



  1. oh my gosh your costume is definitely the best i've seen. i've been trying to look for a coat for a month and a half... they don't fit the look of cruella or they're real fur, which is definitely something i don't want. i wish i was talented enough to make one like you did!

    1. Thank you Kate! I hope you've had some luck with your coat search!!