Freebie for Breast Cancer Survivors & Fighters

Although today marks the fifth and final Pink Post here on Creative Soul Spectrum, Breast Cancer Awareness Month continues on through to the end of October, and its importance will last much longer than that. For some, breast cancer will have an effect on the rest of their lives. For those who have lost a loved one to the illness, for those who are currently fighting, and for those who are survivors, the awareness doesn't go away. My own grandmother celebrated her 47th year being breast cancer free yesterday, October 18th. Next week she'll celebrate her 85th birthday as a happy, healthy, and young-spirited woman!

To celebrate any of my readers who may currently be fighting breast cancer, or for any who are survivors of it, I have created original artwork for you to download and use as a wallpaper background on your iPhone so that you can proudly display how strong you are! Although my grandmother won't be able to make use of this wallpaper because she doesn't have an iphone, I think she'll be ok with it because she doesn't have a computer to read my blog anyway! I hope those of you who are fighters and survivors will enjoy this artwork, and that if you know someone who is a fighter or a survivor, that you will pass it along to them. And if you want to show support for the people in your life who have been affected by breast cancer, you can download the "Think Pink" wallpaper background!

To download the wallpaper background, (using your iPhone) just click the link below the one that you want. Save the image on your phone, then open and select "use as wallpaper". That's all there is to it. Enjoy, and thank you for joining me to help raise breast cancer awareness!


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