I Heart Manicures

Sometimes adding a lil' somethin' extra to your nails can make a big impact. This summer I really liked the trend of painting your nails one color but painting your ring finger nails a complimentary or contrasting color. Sticking with that kind of theme, I decided to add my lil' somethin' extra to my ring fingers only. 

I started off with my new favorite fall polish; Essie's 'Smokin Hot'. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it's totally ok if you 'color outside the lines' when applying your base coat - it's way easier to just clean it up afterwards. 

I complimented my 'Smokin' Hot' base with a 'Sand Tropez' heart that I painted on using a small paintbrush. I found that the nail polish brush was just a little to thick for the fine detail of the heart.

After your nails are completely dried and hardened, clean any excess polish off your skin using warm water and soap. Now go on, show your nails a little love!


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