Raising Awareness with Avanti Salon Boston

Today is my fourth Pink Post. So far I've shared the story of a 12 year survivor, talked about how you can show support in a simple way, and how you can participate to raise awareness. Today I want to discuss how you can take measures to protect yourself...

As women, we can't deny how fabulous it feels to step into a hair salon, receive the royal treatment, walk out a brand new woman, and then to be showered with compliments on our new 'do. For the month of October, Avanti Salon on Newbury Street is here to remind us that feeling so beautiful on the outside can owe thanks to being healthy on the inside. 

Raising breast cancer awareness is something that is near and dear to the hearts of the Avanti team, and to keep their clients healthy, they are offering an initiative to remind women to get their mammograms. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month , Avanti is offering haircuts at an amazing 50% off to any woman who brings in their most recent (within the last 3 months) mammogram!  

If you've been putting off making an appointment to get a mammogram, or have simply forgotten to do so, what better incentive than a half off haircut to give you that push! For more information about mammograms check out this Fact Sheet provided by the National Cancer Institute. Now that fabulous feeling that you get from a visit to the salon will feel even better because you'll know that you look amazing on the outside, have a clean bill of health, and you'll have a little extra money in your pocket too!

And of course, I couldn't recommend Avanti without giving the salon a whirl myself. I stopped in last night for a color treatment, (it was finally time for me to say goodbye to the ombre look - aka my outgrown highlights) and I'm happy to report that I had a wonderful experience.

I'm pretty sure that I was put into the hands of the Avanti Dream Team. Rob guided me through my color choice by offering great advice and answering all of my questions. I love the color that we chose and I'm thankful that he took the time to give me some extra tips on how to keep it looking nice. Marc took over for my shampoo, and I think it's safe to say that if it wasn't weird to hire a personal shampooer, I'd do it in a second! From there, Brian blow dried and styled my hair just right so that I left the salon feeling like a queen.

If you're looking to walk out of a salon feeling your very best, Avanti has my highest recommendation. (Check out my new color!) And don't forget that mammogram!


  1. Wow Amy,
    Nice post, it sounds like a great experience for a great cause!!!!
    Can't wait to see it in person!
    Love, Mom

  2. Thanks Mom! We'll have to go in together sometime. You'll be seeing my new 'do in person very soon!

  3. Oooh you look fantastic Amy! I remember when Avanti was on Tabitha's! They're doing so well, now, kudos to them!

    1. Thank you Smita!! I remember that episode too, they're definitely doing great now!