A Day in the World Photo Book

A few weeks ago I received a very exciting package in the mail, and I'm excited to share it with you today! On May 15th this year I took part in the A Day photo project where I joined people around the world in photographing a day in our lives. I really enjoyed taking part in the project as you can tell from the Aday Photo Project post that I wrote about it back in May. 

According to Aday.org, "almost 100,000 pictures from more than 160 countries were submitted",  and from there, the best 1,000 pictures were chosen to be included in the book. And here's the exciting part... one of my photos was selected!

I am so thrilled that one of my photos is part of such a unique historical record that is meant to inspire future generations. And I'm especially happy with the photo that was chosen...

The photo is of my Nana, who just celebrated her 85th birthday, holding a photograph of my Papa. I feel like this photo captures the essence of what this project was all about. The photograph of my Papa is so important to my Nana because it's a visual memory. She can look at that photo whenever she wants and remember my Papa exactly as he was. Which, as she told me the night I took the photo, was very very handsome!

I love that this photo will now be a link to the past in two different ways, and that in a way, my Nana and Papa were together again for this day in time.

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