Save The Dates: Mike & Sam

I think it's pretty typical that once one friend gets engaged, the rest follow shortly after, and the next year you've got a very busy wedding season on your hands. I'm so excited that not only will I be celebrating my sisters wedding next summer, but also the weddings of some of my very close friends. 

My friends Sam and Mike met each other 9 years ago during their freshman year at our Alma Mater, Bridgewater State College (now University). I met the fun couple a few years later, and still to this day can't refer to one without the other. It's always "Sam and Mike" this or "Sam and Mike" that; a pretty good indication that the two are meant to be together. A few months ago when they asked if I would photograph and design their Save the Dates for them, I couldn't have been more thrilled. Though to be honest, it was pretty difficult getting used to calling them "Mike & Sam" for the first time!

On a chilly Saturday afternoon I met up with the couple for their photo shoot. They had already decided that they wanted the final product to resemble a black & white film strip, so I knew we were going to need a few silly shots to get the right feel. But, as we went along, we realized that the silly photos were truly the best representation of the couple so that's what we stuck with.

I was really happy with how the final product turned out, and was siked when I got a copy in my mailbox a few weeks later... wedding season here I come! Congratulations Sam & Mike! 


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