Wreaths Around Boston

Between the Christmas music, wrapping presents, and making holiday plans, I've really been getting in the Christmas spirit lately. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! One thing that bums me out though, is that this year I don't have a Christmas tree (so sad). Because we just moved into a new apartment this month, we haven't really had the time to get one or the space to put one yet anyway. Luckily,  the city of Boston has been able to make up for the lack of greenery in my own home with all of the beautiful wreaths displayed on the buildings. I love the contrast of the natural green plants on the manmade structures, and that each wreath has its own unique look. All of the wreaths in these photos were found on various churches in the Copley Square area as well as The Boston Public Library. I'm glad that I was able to take a moment out of the holiday rush to stop and enjoy them.



  1. soooo beautiful! I love the architecture and ornate columns!



    1. Thank you Saralyn! The architecture really is so beautiful!