Color Theory: Washed Out to Sea

When I was young, any time a storm hit, my parents would take us to the beach after it had passed to watch the giant waves roll in and crash on the seawall. As a small child, those waves seemed even more monstrous than they already were. I remember always looking forward to the storm's ending so we could make that trip.

When Hurricane Sandy hit a few months ago, I was living by the beach. As the storm started to die down, I felt the urge to head to the beach to survey the scene the way I had growing up. The wind made the short walk a little bit difficult, but it also made for some great waves. Though, at this beach the waves didn't quite reach the seawall, I watched them crash violently against the yacht clubs out on the piers. 

I've heard that sometimes beauty comes from destruction, and that's what I see in this photo. The muted colors of the stormy weather are the inspiration for this "Washed Out to Sea" color board. 


  1. Those colors are perfect neutrals for outfits. I'm a big fan of gray.