Creative Friend: Steven

I'm so excited to have another creative friend to share with you today! This creative friend is my 19 year old brother Steven, who is a sophomore at Westfield State University. This past semester Steven was required to take an art class at school and soon discovered that he had some natural talent and that it was something he really enjoyed. When he came home over the holiday break, he brought his artwork with him to share. I was really impressed with his work and so happy that he was willing to share it here with all of you! You may actually remember seeing a bit of Steven's creativity with his logo design that was featured a few months back. I hope you enjoy his work, and his explanations of each piece!

"My first piece was a self portrait using a monochromatic color scheme. I chose to do this in one color because as a self portrait I wanted to show a little bit about myself, and since I have a color deficiency (slight colorblindness), I thought this could show a little bit into my perspective."

Just a side note...while I was looking through photos of Steven to use for his 'profile picture' on this post, I came across this one that I took of him on Christmas of this year. I don't think he even knew I was taking this photo (judging by the stink-eye he's giving to someone), but when I saw it I couldn't even believe the resemblance to the portrait he had painted weeks before! It looks like he could have used the photograph as the inspiration for his painting. How impressive! You nailed it Steven!

"My second piece is a painting that is highlighting the interaction between organic and geometric shapes. The geometric shapes set a standard background that when combined with organic shapes makes it a little more chaotic and a more unique."

"My third piece is a drawing/collage of myself in front of a waving American flag. This piece was meant to simply show the symbolism of the freedom our nation has. The piece is made only of lines using a variety of them (long, short, straight, curved, thick, etc.). The 5 squares with the black background uses cut out white paper to make the lines and the 4 squares with a white background use a marker."

"This piece was also using the interaction of geometric shapes and organic shapes. There is a snake protruding from my cross country spikes [Steven is a collegiate runner] which is meant to capture the feeling any runner gets the moment before running a race, "ready to strike."

"My fifth piece uses line with repetition. I don't have much to say about this piece because as I worked on it, I just got lost in the process, which was a pretty cool way to work. When I finished I was very happy with what I created."

"My last piece was a gift to my father. It is a graphite drawing of a vinyl record player and a few of my favorite Motown records. I made this piece to show the influence that may father's music choice has had on me. As I've grown older, I've noticed how much more I love and appreciate the music he has showed me, an acquired an appreciation for it. With that, I'd like to apologize for once picking the Baha Men as my favorite artist."

Thank you so much for sharing your work Steven!


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