February Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Is it just me, or are you also in shock every time another month passes us by? Time is flying, and even according to Punxsutawney Phil, spring is just around the corner. Though, the snow we've been having lately is a nice little affirmation that winter still exists here in New England, and that global warming hasn't gotten the best of us yet!

As excited as I am for spring, I don't want to rush through February because I have a lot of fun things planned for you guys. To celebrate Valentine's Day, I'll be spreading the love with some free printables, downloads, and Valentine DIYs. To kick things off, I've created this February desktop calendar wallpaper for you. I think The Beatles knew what they were talking about when they said "Love is all you need".

I have to say, this pink background was really fun to make because it was the first time I used my Bamboo Tablet to paint in watercolor in photoshop. Do you have one of these tablets? They're amazing! This is just a simple example of what you can do with it, but I hope to learn some more complex tricks soon. If you LOVE this background and want to download it, just choose from the screen size options below, and enjoy! Happy February!

2560 x 1440     1920 x 1080     1680 x 1050     1280 x 1024     1280 x 800     iPhone


  1. Beautiful! You are so talented. I am looking forward to your Valentine DIYs!

  2. Danielle you're too sweet! Thank you for the kind words. I can't wait to share the DIYs!