New Sponsor: Wicked Peacock

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be introducing you to my brand new sponsor! Wicked Peacock is an online accessories shop that is based out of Boston, but features the works of talented designers from all over! The Wicked Peacock Shop seriously has some of the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry I've ever seen! Each of the featured designers, including the founder Silvana Costa, has something unique to offer to the shop which results in a really impressive collection. 

Just to give you a little background... "Wicked Peacock started in 2009 as home accessory business, Wicked Peacock Designs, specializing in one-of-a-kind accessories made from assorted vintage findings. Silvana Costa, founder of Wicked Peacock, made all of the accessories by hand in her small studio, and took many classes to learn metal-smith techniques. Wicked Peacock Designs evolved into Wicked Peacock when Silvana realized that there were many jewelry designers who were "totally Wicked Peacock" and wanted to create a platform to showcase their work. Shortly after, Silvana assembled a great team. Marisa Camarra who coordinates most of their photoshoots for editorial content, and Becky Brackett who coordinates Social Media, industry outreach, Blogger connections and marketing." 

You can learn a little bit more about the designers and their styles on the Wicked Peacock Blog.

A couple of weeks ago, the ladies of Wicked Peacock hosted a "Wicked Favorite Things" trunk show at the Emerald Lounge (hence the dark photos and green lighting) in the Revere Hotel in Boston. I had the pleasure of attending the event, where I met the fabulous gals, Silvana and Becky. The trunk show was amazing, and I think I would have bought every single item shown if I could. I'm pretty sure I tried on all of the rings on display, and didn't want to take any of them off!

The WP accessories weren't the only things on display that night. The girls had also prepared installations of Instagram photos taken by some of Boston's favorite Bloggers. How cool is that?

Of course, I couldn't leave the event empty handed, so I scooped up an awesome pair of sunnies. And let me tell you, I'm as proud as a (wicked) peacock walking around in those babies! I absolutely love them, and I can't wait to make my next Wicked Peacock purchase. I've already got my eye on the amazing "Double Scalloped Teal Necklace" from their necklace collection. I feel like it's so unique and totally me!

It is clear that beauty isn't found only in the Wicked Peacock products, but also in the designing process, the careful selection of talented designers, and the disposition and positive attitude of the girls involved. Just by looking at the WP website, you can tell that Silvana is so passionate about what she does, and that is reflected in the amazing items we see in the shop. I'm so happy to be collaborating with Wicked Peacock, and you can look forward to seeing more of them here on the blog in the future. In the meantime, be sure to follow them on Facebook for wicked updates! 

I would love to hear what you all think of the shop! Which piece is your absolute favorite?


  1. Love those bracelets, so pretty!

  2. Aren't they?! They seriously have the prettiest stuff!