Ladies of the 90's: A playlist + A Fashion Guide

Brace yourself guys, this post is going to bring you right back to the good ole days of yin yang earrings, smiley face t-shirts, scrunchies, and clippies. If you're like  me, every now and then, that's exactly where you want to be! The 90's holds a very special place in my heart as that's where the majority of my youth was spent. Although I've long since grown out of the styles of the 90's, the music from that decade still blasts through my headphones on a regular basis. There's something to be said about the ladies that ruled the radio back then. Two decades later I'm still not sick of those songs.

Doesn't today seem like the perfect day to jam out to some of them? Of course it does! So obviously I made a playlist of some of my absolute faves. But, before we get to the music, I couldn't write a post about the 90's without reflecting on the fashion of the time. I'll be honest, some of the fads we went through were ridiculous even though I look back on them with fond memories. But, it wasn't all that bad. In fact, I've found that some of the famous ladies from the 90's seem to be an inspiration for looks that we love today.

With a little perusing through Pinterest, I was able to find some outfits that appear to be a modern take on classic 90's styles (even if that wasn't the intent). It's fun to compare and see how much has changed, but also to see what has stayed the same. Things like boyfriend jeans (1 & 2), chambray and polka dots (3 & 4), leather jackets and sunnies (5 & 6), and bold maxi dresses (7 & 8).

While I'm fresh out of wide leg jeans, I definitely have a couple of crop tops and grunge sweaters in my closet. Do you have any favorite pieces in your wardrobe that have a slight link back to the 90's? While you consider this, now would be a good time to get that playlist going. Enjoy!


  1. the 90s has a sweet spot in my heart too! The music, the tv shows, the stars...and love how you compared 90s style to the updated versions! great playslist. enjoying it now at lunch.

    1. I agree, I seriously loved everything about the 90's! So glad you're enjoying the playlist!! I promise you it won't get old.

  2. Loved this post, the playlist was a really sweet additional touch to it as well.