Queen Bey in Boston

Last week, on behalf of Pepsi, I had the absolute pleasure of attending my first Beyoncé concert while she was in Boston for her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Have you ever been to one of her shows? She is seriously amazing! Her entire performance was so high energy, and my friend Joanne and I danced the whole time. 

The TD Garden was packed with more women than I have ever seen in one place, and all of them were dressed to the nines. Though heels aren't usually the best option when attending a concert, there wasn't an un-heeled foot in the place. I was glad that Joanne and I had taken some time beforehand to consider what one should wear to a Beyoncé show. I think we fit right in.

One of my favorite songs that Beyoncé performed was "Love on Top", but it was also pretty amazing when she belted out an old school Destiny's Child song! I found that the videos playing on the screens on stage and the lighting, were just as fascinating as Bey herself. Combined, these things made for one heck of a show. If you didn't make it to the show this time, you're in luck, she'll be back here in Boston on December 20th. Woop woop!

Last week, you may have noticed that I was tweeting using the hashtag #iconicsummer throughout the concert. Pepsi's Iconic Summer Moments site is a site working to donate to charities in need. You can get involved and be entered to win a Pepsi Prize pack by uploading a photo from your favorite summer moment to the Iconic Summer site using #iconicsummer! And, while attending a concert is always an iconic summer moment for me, it doesn't have to be yours. So, get creative!

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  1. IMSOJEALOUS. Keep hearing amazing things about this concert. Love your outfit, and I think heels are a MUST and totally worth the pain for a Queen Bey concert!