Customizable Cards From CardStore

Happy Wednesday friends! I just have to tell you about my new favorite thing today ... Ok, when you have a special occasion that you're trying to find the perfect card for, do you spend forever perusing the card section of the store? Ugh, I always do! I feel like I can never find the card with the exact sentiment that I'm trying to go for, or if I do find the right one, I don't like the card design. Well, I just recently discovered Cardstore, and it's a game changer! It's an online card shop with cards that are completely customizable and personalized. And they have a card for just about any occasion you can imagine.

I gave Cardstore a whirl with a wedding congratulations card. Right off the bat, I was given 45 different cards to choose from. Once I found the one that I liked, I was able to customize it by adding the married couple's last name to the front of the card. I was also able to choose from a variety of fonts and colors for the text. Pretty sweet! 

Next, I had the option of adding photos to the interior of the card (some of the cards also have a place to add photos on the front). I was able to choose the layout of the photos and how many I wanted to add. I could have added a caption to the photos if I wanted to as well. 

Inside the card, text is provided, but you have the ability to edit it and add your own. Sentiment problem solved! Just like on the front of the card, you have the option to change the font and colors of the text inside as well. 

When you're done, you can either have the card delivered to yourself so that you can give it to the recipient, or you can have it mailed right to them! When mailing the card to the recipient you just have to pay for postage. What I loved about this service was that even with all of the customization and the cost of postage, my final cost was just $3.95, which is comparable to what you'd pay in the store ... only I didn't have to make a trip to the store OR the post office!

And, as a bonus, they also have customizable invitations! They have beautiful designs to choose from for all sorts of occasions. Definitely worth taking a look if you're planning an event!

Needless to say, Cardstore is probably going to be my go-to card shop from here on out, and I highly recommend that you check it out yourself!


  1. I'm such a sucker for stationery and I haven't heard of before. So glad to know about it now!

    It was nice meeting you yesterday at Wagamama! Wish we had had more time to chat!

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog Leah! It was so nice meeting you too, I hope to see you at a future event!