My Pinterest Makeover

As a DIYer, designer, and artist, I've found Pinterest to be one of my go-to places for finding and sharing inspiration. Recently, when I was looking through my social media accounts, I noticed that Pinterest was the one place that my blog branding didn't carry through. I wanted my main Pinterest page to appear as another extension of my blog, the same way that Twitter and Facebook do.

Using Adobe Illustrator (Photoshop or something similar will also work), I created a template that was 540px X 360px to fit the Pinterest board dimensions. I then made a simple design using my blog fonts and colors and a photo from each corresponding Pinterest board. In Illustrator I chose File > Save for Web & Devices > JPEG. 

Once I did this for each button, I went into Pinterest and in each individual Board chose "Add a Pin", and then the "Upload from Your Computer" option. Since the images I used in the designs weren't my own, I made sure to include the image source for each of these new pins at this point. If you can't find the original image source, doing a quick "google image" search will usually help to find it. 

Once all of my new images were pinned to their appropriate boards, I went through and set them all as the cover images. And voila, now my Pinterest boards reflect my blog brand. Woohoo!


  1. Hmmm...that is a very intriguing idea!! Please let me know if this helps or hinders traffic :). Could I offer a suggestion and make the title bars a higher resolution? They are looking fuzzy when enlarged but even when they're viewed from your main Pinterest page.

  2. Love this! Your Pintrest looks so good, very appealing!

    xo Kay,

  3. I love this!! Such a good idea, and one I need to take the time to do!