DIY Gold Vase

I've had this DIY up my sleeve for a little while now, but have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share it. That opportunity came in the form of the pretty bouquet of flowers that I picked up at the Local Love market last weekend. After all, a vase (even a gold one), isn't as nice to look at when it's not filled up with flowers. 

Before getting the midas touch, this vase was actually a pasta sauce jar. When I had finished using the jar, I thought it was too pretty to get rid of it. So now we have this easy DIY.

You'll need a jar, metallic gold spray paint, frog tape, newspaper, and Goo Gone. If there is a label on your jar, you can remove it by soaking the jar in warm water and then using the Goo Gone to remove any extra glue residue. Make sure the jar is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Wrap  frog tape around your jar wherever you don't want paint. I just did one thick stripe towards the top of the vase.

You want to make sure that no spray paint will get inside of your vase, so use frog tape to cover the inside edges  and then stuff the jar with newspaper. Spray the jar with 2 coats of spray paint, allowing time to dry between each coat.

When the paint is completely dry (follow drying instructions on spray paint can) remove the newspaper and frog tape from the jar. Your glass jar is now an adorable gold vase!

I'm going to be keeping my new vase at work since I spend most of my time here and want to actually be able to see my flowers. My pretty valentine flowers have been brightening up my desk this week, and with spring right around the corner I'm hoping to keep this vase filled!


  1. Cute! I am also one to reuse pretty jars. Great idea using the metallic paint, love it! I collect the little syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel. They are perfect little bud vases and I keep them on my kitchen window. My kids are always bringing a flower or two in from the yard.

    1. Oh my gosh what a cute idea using the syrup bottles as bud vases! I bet they look adorable in the window. Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Love this project Amy! So cute!