Spoons and Stilettos Blog Design

Last month I shared a moodboard for a client project that I was working on, and I'm so excited that today I can share the final product with you! The project was a blog redesign for Agnes, the blogger behind the food and fashion blog, Spoons and Stilettos. I met Agnes a couple of months ago at a blogger dinner at Boston Chops, where we were seated at the same table. In typical blogger style, we spent the evening chatting about food, fashion, and blogging. While on the subject of blogging, Agnes told me that she had been wanting a little blog makeover, and I was happy to be able to offer her my design services.

Over the next few weeks Agnes and I discussed the direction of the design and her personal aesthetic, and I provided her with design options. She was looking for something clean, fresh, and classic. She wanted to stay away from anything that was too busy, and had a preference for a soft spring floral color palette.

Agnes and I were both so happy with how the final design came out. Be sure to head on over to Spoons and Stilettos to see the design in all of it's glory, and give Agnes some blog love!


  1. Looks awesome! Very Talented! Love it!