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A few months ago, Emily of Live Love Lemon, reached out to me about revamping her foodie blog. She was feeling that the current look of her blog seemed a bit amateur and wanted to step it up with some new design features. We decided to get together over coffee to discuss the direction of the new look, and to meet each other in person. I don't always get to meet my clients face to face, but I've found that it definitely adds a little something special to the process because I can get a better sense of their personality and consider that when designing for them.

Live Love Lemon is a place where Emily shares her adventures in the kitchen along with new recipes for her readers to try out. Her love of lemony treats and yellow accessories lead her to the citrusy name of her blog and she wanted it to be a main component in the new look. She wanted to keep things simple and was looking for a new header, social media buttons, an 'about me' section, and a lemony background. Now, a few more coffee dates later, I'm happy to share Emily's new look with you. Head on over to Live Love Lemon to show her some blog love and maybe try out a recipe or two!

P.S. here's a little fun fact… Like me, Emily is also a member of Young Women in Digital, and actually found out about my design services through a YWD newsletter. This is the perfect example of what a valuable resource this group is, and if you're a young woman working in the digital / marketing field in the Boston area you should absolutely become a member!

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