Lavender & Lace Blog Design Part 2

If this post seems a a little déjà vu, don't worry, you're not losing it! About a year and a half ago, I did some design work for Laura of Lavender & Lace when she was just entering the blogging scene. She has since built her blog up to be a source of inspiration for creative living, with a focus on the North Shore, Newburyport, and Boston areas.

When I was first designing for Laura, she was blogging on the Typepad platform, and I created a logo, header, navigation bar, and 'about me' section for her. As she developed her blog, Laura switched over to the Blogger platform and eventually decided to revamp her look with some new features. The new features included an updated intro / 'about me' section, new social media buttons, category buttons, a scrolling Instagram feed, social share buttons in the post footer, and an updated navigation bar.

It was so wonderful being able to work with Laura again and to help her evolve the vision she has for her blog as it continues to grow. If you're looking to revamp your blog design, I'm currently accepting new clients! Check out my list of design services here.

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